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123.hp.com/setup may be a format code of setup hp printer online completed by a senior experienced technician. The HP Support includes 123 hp com setup, printer driver downloads for both windows and mac, Hp Printer wireless setup (all platforms), mobile printing setup, scan doctor setup, HP Smart app download, and Troubleshooting all HP Printer problems is solved as per rules of 123 hp com setup. This is often the method of setup hp printer through the online session safely and securely as per the principles of 123.hp.com/setup.


Printer Setup and Installation Process at 123.hp.com/setup

You will receive the printer during a well-recovered box when purchasing the hp printer. You want to twiddle my thumbs to unbox your new hp printer. Follow the directions as per 123.hp.com/setup step by step to the hp printer setup.

1.      To unbox the printer, you first want to clear the packaging materials.

2.      Smoothly handle the printer components to stop harm to the HP printer.

3.      Take the power cable out next. Connect it to the printer and electrical source for power connection.

4.      Turn the printer on to continue.

5.      Feed the documents into the paper tray. Take tons of unpolluted papers and get them organized without curls or wrinkles.

6.      Finally, pull the interior chamber, place the documents, and shut the chamber.

7.      Install the ink cartridges on the corresponding slots after inserting the document.

8.      On every 123.hp.com/setup printer ink slot, you'll notice a color tape for the cartridge's proper insertion.


123.hp.com/setup Printer Driver Download and Installation Setup

Here you discover measures for the configuration of the hp printer driver software. This suggests that the printer software is downloaded and installed. Use the directions to download and install the effective HP printer driver.

1.      Activate the HP printer and computer for the primary time. Open the program of your choice from your desktop.

2.      Go to 123.hp.com/setup now, open the program.

3.      You should know the model number of your HP printer. Type the model number for your 123 hp printer to use the best printing driver software package.

4.      Choose the hp printer software on the idea of your OS.

5.      Next, press the Download option, and therefore the download method will start in a few seconds.

6.      Go to the Download folder and choose the printer software file.

7.      Finally, run your computer software file to profit from printing experience Ref 123.hp.com/setup to install HP printers to MAC devices or HP printers to windows devices.


Printer Wireless Setup at 123.hp.com/setup

You can connect all Wi-Fi equipment with a hp wireless printer configuration. 123.hp.com/setup Wireless. the subsequent chapter provides the Wi-Fi Direct facility. To start, follow the measures for fixing a hp printer wireless network. Ask 123.hp.com if you would like help.

1.      First of all, direct to the instrument panel of the printer. Search the Wi-Fi Direct choice now.

2.      Click on the Wi-Fi Direct choice once it's discovered. Then scroll right down to option Settings.

3.      If you discover the choice activates, continue it. This permits Wi-Fi on your printer.

4.      The direct Wi-Fi technique allows you to attach up to 5 wireless devices.

5.      Albeit the device features a USB connection, use this system.

6.      Check the device’s internet connection before starting.

7.      Open the software for HP Printer. Attend the Tools option first—additionally, open Device Setup Software.

8.      Select Connect a new device option afterward.

9.      Click the Wireless choice for up to 5 wireless devices.

10.   You've got finished the wireless configuration for the 123 hp printer Setup with the steps above.

11.   Your printer also promotes the Wireless Setup hp printer for mobile devices.

12.   See 123.hp.com/setup and determine the way to found out wireless internet on a printer.

Smart App Download and Setup for Android and iOS Devices at 123.hp.com/setup

1.      HP Smart App Installation for Android and iOS permits you to Print, Scan, Copy, and Troubleshoot Printer Issues for cellular gadgets.

2.      HP Smart App Download and Installation is completed by visiting 123.hp.com/setup out of your Android or iOS Smartphones.

3.      Make sure that your Smartphone has a wireless community connection.

4.      Open the Installed Hp sensible App and Add your HP Printer.

5.      If your Printer is showed your tool, then still a subsequent step.

6.      To the whole setup, select the printer and practice the Instructions displayed on the screen.

7.      If the Printer isn't within the checklist, Select the “+” sign to set up a new one and resume the On-screen Process.

8.      Print and scan the usage of Smartphones and Tablets.

9.      Select the Print icon for your tool.

10.   If you would possibly be Printing on-line, check in to the account.

11.   Look for a Photo or Document to Print for your Mobile Device.

12.   Tap Printer or Print icon to finish the Documents printing the utilization of Hp Scan App on mobile devices.


Smart App Download and Setup for Windows 10 Devices at 123.hp.com/setup

1.      Visit Windows Store on your Windows 10 instrument for HP Smart App Download and Installation Setup via following the Instructions Provided.

2.      Open the Smart App out of your Windows instrument.

3.      After your Printer is Displayed within the List, click to proceed with the setup.

4.      If your Printer isn’t within the Display, click the “+” signal and Add your Printer using the ON-SCREEN instructions. Likewise, the New Printer is Setup the utilization of the Smart App.

5.      Using HP Smart App Home Screen, we will Print and scan Documents from the Printer by Click the Print and Scan icons, respectively. We can also Scan the Photos by way of the utilization of the Windows 10 tool’s camera.

Printing a PDF or images to your Windows 10 software

1.      Open your HP Smart App house screen and click on Print Document or Images.

2.      Identify the Documents (pdf) or Images within the photographs folder or Document folder, or another folder where the File must be published is Saved.

3.      Select the Photo or record you would like to print and click on Print.

4.      The Microsoft Print Preview window will then display the Preview of our Document or pictures we wish to Print.

5.      Click the Print button from the Preview Window. Then the Printer Starts Printing your documents or Images.

6.      After Finishing Print jobs, Click Done from the HP Smart App. Then it’s getting to returns again to the house display.


Scanning the file by using 123.hp.com/setup HP Smart App for Windows 10 OS

1.      Click the Scan icon from 123.hp.com/setup HP Smart App Home screen. The scan window will open.

2.      Then Adjust the Settings like Page resolution and measurement, report varieties, Page output sorts, and Compression to struggle with the Scan Jobs.

3.      Then Proceed via Click Scan Button. The Document or Images Scanning Process will start.

4.      The Scan Document Preview will seem. During this Preview display, you'll edit and make any changes like crop, rotate, etc. You’ll also manually alternate the border by protecting one among the bluest dots.

5.      After completing the modifying Process, Click Apply. Then the Result Window will appear.

6.      In the Result window, you’ll be ready to print, save, rename, save, share or add pages.

7.      Complete the Scanning Process by saving or sharing the scan jobs and click on adequate.

8.      Thus, the HP Smart App has been downloaded and installed on Windows 10 Devices. You'll Enjoy Printing, scanning, and Copying paperwork and Photos out of your windows 10 OS.


HP Smart App Setup and Download for Mac OS at 123.hp.com/setup

1.      HP Smart App can also be download and Installed using visiting 123.hp.com/setup and apply the On-Screen Prompt.

2.      Open Smart App and Add your printer.

3.      If one or more printers are attached, the Smart app Chooses the Printer automatically. Choose the Printer you would like to use via swiping left or right. If the Printer doesn’t position within the listing, add a different printer by applying an on-screen Prompt.

4.      If you would like to set up a replacement Printer, Choose Printer >> found out a replacement Printer, and observe the on-display screen prompt.

5.      Thus, the HP smart App Setup and found out for Mac is Completed.

6.      You'll Print or Scan paperwork and pictures on a Mac Devices via merely clicking the Print or scan icon respectively on HP Smart App Home Screen.


Print a Document or images on Mac OS the utilization of Smart App from 123.hp.com/setup

1.      Click the Print icon, Then Select Print Document or Print Images.

2.      Select and cargo the Document or photos you would like to print. Then the Print window will open.

3.      Click Print Scan a Document or pictures to your Mac OS the utilization of HP Smart App.


Scanning a file or image by using Smart App for Mac OS from 123.hp.com/setup

1.      Click the Scan icon from the HP smart App Home Screen.

2.      Then the HP Scan Window opens.

3.      Using Scan Window alter any Settings to try to make the scan Jobs and click on scan.

4.      Adjust the border, rotate, crop, if vital, then click on Apply.

5.      If you would like to scan more pages, click add pages, then Save/proportion the Scan Job.

6.      Thus, the HP Smart App has been downloaded and installed on Mac Successfully. You'll Enjoy Printing, scanning, and Copying paperwork and Photos out of your Mac OS.


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