Technology Guidance

Technology Guidance educates you about new technologies with this you can fix your technical issue by yourself.


If you hear "technology," what images come to your mind?  It could be a reference to something from a scifi film or something that is able been powered by electricity. Technology is often thought of as the extremely complicated, but it doesn't need to be complicated.

Technology is the utilization of scientific knowledge to serve practical uses or applications whether in the workplace or in our daily life.  Therefore, any time we make use of our knowledge from science to accomplish a specific goal it is making use of technology. However, there's greater to the story than the basic. Technology is usually a specific device however, the equipment may be extremely simple or stunningly complicated. It could range starting with the invention of the wheel all the way to  Extender, Printers and computers.


Different types of technology


The type of technology we're the mostly familiar with in contemporary times is electronics, often known as electronics. It is a complicated type of technology that utilizes electronic circuits to accomplish an end.  Electronic circuits also vary in their complexity. If you take a look at the circuit boards that has numerous seemingly random paths interspersed with different components, you already know how intricate electronic circuits are. However, anything that operates with electricity is an electronic. This includes computers, washing machines, dryers, MP3 players, car radios, Extender, Printers , Camera's televisions--anything you plug into the wall outlet. Technology can be divided into different types based on the its purpose. There's manufacturing and industrial technological advancements, medical technologies communications technology, and many more.


Manufacturing and industrial technology is technology that is designed with the intention of producing products on a massive size, or performing a massive task in which customers aren't present.  For instance, you could produce cars or generate electricity. Automobiles are manufactured with mechanical robots. This is an extremely advanced technology.


Medical technology is the technology which is used for diagnosing treatment, preventing, or diagnosing the spread of disease.  It could include things such as MRI scanners, which capture pictures of the inside part of the body, ventilators that breathe for individuals; or just medicines and medications taken by patients to improve their health.


Communication technology encompasses everything from the traditional telephone to the telegraph and cell phones, as well as communication satellites, and finally the Internet.  The Internet is considered to be one of the major advancements in technology for communications of the past 50 years.


Technology is the creation of humans at their most inventive.  Everything that has altered our lives in the last 10,000 years has been a result of technology.



Technology is the application of knowledge gained from science to solve practical problems or use for industrial purposes or in our life.  It covers everything from computers to the wheel to medications to buttons and zippers on clothes. We talked about a range of technology.


Mechanical technology encompasses cams, wheels levers, belts, gears and engines. Electronic technology is a specialized type of technology that makes use of electrical circuits to reach an end goal. Some examples of this being MP3 players, computers washers, and MP3 players.  We also discussed manufacturing and industrial technology which is a type of technology that has the aim of producing products on a massive size or performing another task where the customer is not physically present. Medical technology is a technology which is used for diagnosing and treating illness, while communication technology covers everything from the traditional telegraph to mobile phones, phones satellites for communication and the Internet.